About Us

Entechcoms Global is an advanced communication and Information Technology (IT) consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Entechcoms provide consulting and business solutions to major clients in the technology and financial services sector including startup companies.

From Oracle Database, to SQL Server, and AWS, we provide efficient services in managing clients' databases.

Entechcoms Global is a technology plus digital media company specializing in online platforms and marketplace for hospitality and real estate industry. We also do apps design, web designs, database upgrade, performance tuning, branding, and ads management

EnTechComs Global is driven by a digital passion and innovation to redefine how companies and businesses communicate technology to employees and customers for effective business growth that is fast, reliable and easy (FRE) .

We deliver services in ways that are fast-reaching and easy-to-use technology through apps designs and data upgrade/migrate. Our products are prompt and accessible; friendly and accurate.

What makes us unique is that we focus on business apps called ‘NEFIKZ’ for Employees and Customer Resources; and also help to upgrade business database almost for free from Linux Oracle 11g to 12c, 13c and/or 19c. More so, we connect web designs with web logic applications. We not only do technology for businesses; we do digital planning for cities too. We communicate planning through technology.

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A leading global TechCom's firm communicating technology to customers and clients in a unique and simplest application.

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Big and start-up companies, social media users and other organizations like schools, institutions, government (agencies, counties, cities). Get In Touch

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  • Free 1month ads on social media
  • Free 1month marketing brands
  • Distinctive Experts That Provide Effortless Expertise
  • Enriched Outcomes Enabled By Experienced Professionals
  • Wide-Ranging Thoughts Bread Exceptional Ideas
  • Generating Best Results Through Open Communication
  • Extensive Marketing Research Generates Valuable Insights
  • We are Results-Driven, Oriented, We deliver results